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Our Express service is categorized into International and Domestic Express.

Domestic Express service covers delivery of packages within a timeline of 24 hours.

International Express Service covers delivery of both documents and packages within a timeline of 24 hours to 96 hours depending on destination country.

Hotmail Express
Same day delivery service to Lagos, Abuja and Portharcourt. Cut-off collection ends at midday on week days and to be delivered within same day of collection.

City Express
24-hour delivery service within major Nigerian cities.

Intra-Area Service
We also have deliveries that are executed at different points within the same particular geographical regions. Such as Lagos to Ibadan, Akure to Ekiti, etc. these services run on 3 main geographical regions.

Direct Express
Delivery within 24 hours all shipments sent from one region to another region within the country. Such shipments however boundaries.

Nationwide Express
These are locations outside the major cities but not served directly by air or land. For more information, please click on the link below

Domestic Zones

Please note:
Zone 1 is city
Zone 2 is area
Zone 3 is direct
Zone 4 is Nationwide

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